Yume is the first game made with Freak Frog. synchrnzr started working on this title one month before its deadline. A trailer shown in the E3 was previously made by Digital Dreams featuring a catchy theme that would be integrated during the storyline sequences. 2 days were spent on each track, scenarios being the main inspiration. The soundtrack features celtic melodies in the forest levels, using small string ensembles. The cave levels feature more percussive tribal rythms. A couple of cold new age tracks were also composed to be used during the icy stages and a couple of waltzes were used in the final castle. With just 8 hours left before finishing the project, still had to compose the menu music, which was created very fast by combining melodies from the other tracks, and the boss tracks, which was almost improvised. The soundtrack consists of 11 tracks featuring 17 minutes of music. The music was incorrectly mixed and balanced, partly due to the lack of experience, so it ended up with an excess of bass frequencies.