Party Island Solitaire

The first comission for Digital Chocolate was the music for this classic board game which featured 16 variaties of solitaire. Party Island Solitaire was part of Digital Chocolate's social-networking hub Party Island. We made just 2 short loops, one for the menu and another one to be used during gameplay. The base style chosen was bossa nova, introducing some additional instruments like the vibraphone to create a soft background. Note that, in the following video, only the solitaire sequences feature this music.

The music was delivered in 8 different formats to be used in different mobile phone models; AMR, MMF, MP3, OTT, SMF4, SMF16, SPF and 8-bit WAV. The 8-bit audio versions were processed using a synchrnzr's trademark noise-shaping system that sends noise to bass frequencies, which are barely heard in small speakers like those found in phones or small earphones, producing a clearer sound.