Released Games

synchrnzr made the soundtrack of four Digital Chocolate games, being the most relevant works before getting involved in the development of appOgeo. Millionaire City and MMA Pro-fighter had more than 2 million players.

synchrnzr worked with Digital Legends in its two N-Gage platform games for Symbian OS, ONE Sequel and Dance Fabulous. ONE Sequel featured interactive digital music, Dance Fabulous' original soundtrack was outtaken, as music stars Dave Stewart and Cindy Gomez composed 6 exclusive tracks for the game.

synchrnzr worked in many LemonQuest titles, most based on widely known Hasbro, Kellogg's and TV licenses. Furby Island won the Best Mobile Game Award at Gamelab and the Best License-Based Game IMGA.

synchrnzr worked with NerLasKa providing the soundtrack for the Armix trilogy and other minor pojects like Math Gems or the Knightmare remake.

synchrnzr worked at Freak Frog for a couple of years as a composer, sound designer and programmer. During this time, we produced the music of two games.

synchrnzr has collaborated from time to time with Iteration Mobile (now Iteration Game Studios), in different mobile games and apps, including the official Pang game.

synchrnzr has made the music for most Pocket Puppet mobile games.

synchrnzr collaborated with Mutant Games, a group composed by some members from Cuchipandi Technologies in a very creative iOS game.

synchrnzr was eventually hired by AnyPlays to create the soundtrack for Amy Pumpkin's Nightmare, a J2ME game.

Unreleased Games

Being our first serious commercial project, synchrnzr partnered with Exelweiss to produce the music for six coin-op machines.

Equipo Utopia

Proyecto Utopia was a project started by Spanish development community Stratos to create an ambitious game by gathering many Spanish professionals. synchrnzr made the music of the trailer that was made available for download after presenting the project.

Cuchipandi Technologies

synchrnzr's first approach to game music was a collaboration with the Spanish group Cuchipandi Technologies, where we made the soundtrack of a strategy game for GameBoy Color