Legend of the Dragon

Legend of the Dragon for PC is a fighting game based on BKN International's TV cartoon series and the last game of Freak Frog.

Legend of the Dragon's sound engine was specially designed for it. It was based on DirectSound's API, adding many features to its basic functionality: environmental reverb, pitch and volume randomization, speed of sound, etc... its most special feature to point out is its streaming engine. As synchrnzr wanted lots of 3D environmental sound effects placed across the scenarios and long ambient loops to create rich soundscapes, he worked hard on the engine allowing it to stream multiple compressed voices (up to 63 simultaneous channels) directly from disk. Those channels are not only streamed but also decompressed in real-time and mixed with smaller effects allocated in RAM. This kind of technology was rarely found in games at that time. Another interesting point is that all environmental reverbs were made taking in care the theoretical accoustic features of each room. 53 room models were carefully modelled with I3DL2 reverberation parameters. Finally, the engine was interfaced with Freak Frog's new own XML scripting system.

Having the license to use the series' original music, the first task was making covers of the original soundtrack. Music had to be redone to create loops and cue points as synchrnzr originally planned it to be interactive (it wasn't so interactive in the end) Covering the music was quite a challenge because of the complex percussion rythms used on it. 9 tracks were re-created to be used in the game: 2 action tracks and 7 ambient tracks were adapted, sometimes adding original parts. Overall, 12 minutes of music were produced to be used the game.

The original soundtrack only had 2 action tracks, but being a fighting game, we needed much more action music, so we had to create some new music tracks keeping the series' style. Also had to modify and/or expand some of the original tracks to correctly fit in the game. The game features 4 original action tracks, one of them using some serie's slow cues modified to fit in. All tracks in the game consist of a short prelude and a main loop. Music is scripted to fit the different moods in the game. 8 minutes of original music were added to the original score.


About sound design, sound Ideas 6000 Series Collection and Hollywood Edge's Martial Arts and Human Impacts were the main libraries used for producing all game's effects. 78 effects were produced including voices, ambient loops and foley. Effects were produced dry. The sound engine modifies them according to the distance, interfering walls and doors and environmental reverb settings. More than 100 rooms were independently designed and filled with positional sound sources according to the different props (torchs, windows, water, trees, etc) in scene and featuring long ambient sound loops. 212 dialog phrases were also processed and scripted.

E3 game's trailer's had to be done in just a couple of days, so we got quite involved in its production. We took care of trailer music but also took care of the trailer's video edition. We used some in-game video captures and some title sequences made by Freak Frog's artists. Music was fast made combining two in-game music tracks, a simple voice cue and a gong effect. Though not breathtaking, the result was still quite good taking in care our time constraints.