Kukoo Kitchen

Casual, indie game, with a Dinner Rush's style gameplay, developed by QuestTracers. A very polished, detailed, playable and addictive game.

The game holds a lot of audio content, despite of being indie. synchrnzr took care of sound effects and dialog processing. 982 dialog lines were manually edited an processed, but only 462 made their way into the game, representing 20 minutes of audio. Voices actors Georgette Perna, Gary Joy and Ed Mace did an excellent job recording very good voice overs.

We also took care of a very detailed and complex sound design. 345 different effects were either selected from libraries, synthesized or recorded before being finally processed, adjusted an synchronized with a huge number of animations, providing a lot of character to many machines, spaceships and other entities in the game. Undoubtly, this is our best sound design job so far.