Gorilla Rampage

The second comission for Digital Chocolate was the music for this original game based on silent movies from the beginning of the XX century. We composed 3 tracks, one for the main menu and 2 in-game tracks. It's style is clearly influenced both by classic silent movies like those of Charles Chaplin but also by more modern music like Benny Hill's shows. A quite recognisable main theme through all of them, using different instrument sets, tempo and time signature. The aim of the music is to feel funny and somewhat restless.

The music was delivered in 8 different formats to be used in different mobile phone models; AMR, MMF, MP3, OTT, SMF4, SMF16, SPF and 8-bit WAV. The 8-bit audio versions were processed using a synchrnzr's trademark noise-shaping system that sends noise to bass frequencies, which are barely heard in small speakers like those found in phones or small earphones, producing a clearer sound.