Furby Island

Isometric adventure/RPG social game based on the famous Hasbro license. Your objective will be organising the biggest party ever held at Furby Island by interacting with the other Furbies you'll meet during your journey.

The game features a very rich MIDI soundtrack. We made 6 long themes to fit the different sceneries in the game (beach, caves, forests, Furby's home...) and a short jingle to be played whenever you complete a task. The forest tune is the longest one. It's a long slow-paced relaxing orchestral piece. Most action in the game occurs in the forest, so it had to be very soft and long to reduce repetition. The Sims and some Lord of the Rings movie sound tracks where used as inspiration for this music. Beach and Menu themes were based on 2 melodies LemonQuest povided us with.