Last update: 2024-05-09

David Font "synchrnzr"

Programmer, Music Composer and Sound Designer since 2000

Interactive Audio Lecturer and Consultant since 2006

Native coder (started coding at age 8) and composer (started compoising at age 16). Deep experience in audio integration techniques, requiring solid technical knowledge along with an artistic point of view. Solid programming knowledge and experience in a wide range of languages and platforms to work in any kind of R&D environment, along with strong communication skills applied to teaching, lecturing and team leadership.




Game Audio Lecturer and Consultant

Composer and/or Sound Designer (services provided under the synchrnzr brand name)

Programmer (services provided under the synchrnzr brand name)

Programmer (fixed position)

Composer and Sound Designer (fixed position)

Community Contributions

Technical Experience



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