Released Games

synchrnzr worked with Digital Legends in its two N-Gage platform games for Symbian OS, ONE Sequel and Dance Fabulous. ONE Sequel won the Best 3D IMGA and Dance Fabulous was nominee to the Most Innovative Game at Desarrollador.ES Awards.

synchrnzr worked with Freak Frog for a couple of years as a composer, sound designer and also programmer. During this time, we programmed a DirectSound based sound engine and two full sudoku games. Both PC Sudoku and PC Sudoku Samurai + PC Kakuro sales reached the top of the charts with more than 500.000 sold units.

Unreleased Games

Equipo Utopia

Proyecto Utopia was a project started by Spanish development community Stratos to create an ambitious game by gathering many Spanish professionals. synchrnzr would take care of a state-of-the-art PC sound engine based in DirectSound.

Super Fighter Team

synchrnzr unofficially created a GameBoy Advance sound engine that would have been used in the GBA port of the Taiwanese game Super Fighter, led by the Super Fighter Team.