synchrnzr met UPC's Videogame Postgrade course director Jesús Alonso at Campus Party 2005 who invited him to talk about Game Audio in the recently created Postgrade course. Thus, synchrnzr started teaching Game Audio in the 2005-2006 course which became a Master course in 2007.

In the first session the intention was creating a DirectSound based sound engine from scratch, but that approach was dropped in the following years due to the short time (6 hours) and focused content to game audio production, basic audio editing skills, general game engine concepts and audio design documentation.

In 2009, UPC teachers team was involved int the Master en Animación y Arte Digital at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, in Mexico. Being part of the teacher team, synchrnzr also went to Mexico to give some intensive Game Audio lessons for 2 days.

In 2014, UPC's related center CITM (Centre de la Image i la Tecnologia Multimedia) was born under alongside the Videogame Degree. synchrnzr took part for 2 years in the 1st year Game Industry sessions.

In 2015, synchrnzr was also invited by SAE Institute to give a 2-hour lecture about Game Audio Production and Tools.

In 2016, synchrnzr started teaching 3rd year's Digital Audio subject alongside PhD. Francesc Tarrès and PhD. Arnau Raventós in the CITM's Bachelor Degree on Videogames, and also started teaching the same subject in the English Edition of the Degree on Videogames in 2017.

In 2018, synchrnzr started teaching Game Audio Integration in ENTI's Technical School Multimedia Application Development and Art for Videogames and Interactive Environment courses and also in the Interactive Enviroment Music Master.

Lectures, Speeches and Events

synchrnzr has been invited to different events to give lectures and speeches about Game Audio.

First time was a Game Audio Production speech at the S2e 2003 development area. synchrnzr also helped developing some contents and presented the Proyecto Utopia trailer alongside other Equipo Utopia members.

He also worked preparing content for the upcoming S2e 2004, but unfortunately E.J. Krause finally dropped the project.

In 2005, synchrnzr was invited by Miguel Ángel Expósito to create a new Development Area for Campus Party 9th edition with him. It was quite a success, with more than 250 members in this area, and featuring many interesting events like Digital Legend's One preview for N-GAGE or the first XBox 360 preview in the world.

synchrnzr also was in charge of the area in its 10th edition, and also invited Richard Hebert to take part in the coordination tasks. In 2006, Campus Party tried to beat a Guiness record by gathering more than 6000 people at the same time in a party. However, it couldn't be done in the end. synchrnzr would leave the area direction that year, Richard Hebert would keep directing the following editions.

In 2008, synchrnzr was invited by Campus Party to give speech about ONE Sequel's audio making-of where he showed all the technology and tools developed for the game.

In the same year, he was invited by DOID to give a speech about Game Audio Production at CDV2008 in Valencia.

In 2010, synchrnzr was invited by Victor Navarro to take part in a Visual Music Seminar with composer Daniel Pico, in the context of the movie festival rec10.

In 2017, synchrnzr was invited by BTV's reporter Esther Castarnado to talk about videogames music in the culture program Àrtic.