Dance Fabulous

Dance Fabulous is an innovative dancing game where you can dance freely (specific button taps are requested only during short challenges) You can also customize your characters the way you please and dance to your own music. You can use any MP3 from your library and even buy some brand new original music from Nokia's on-line Music Store inside the game.

Eurythmic's music legend Dave Stewart and Cindy Gomez, a new up-and-coming sing star, created 6 original tracks for this game too.

We worked on a rythm recognition algorithms based on previous works by Klapuri and other world-class researchers, created 3 additional pop music tracks to be used with as interface music (that were finally discarded after hiring Dave and Cindy), cast 2 voice actors, Welsey Davis and Georgette Perna, and edited the dialogs. Cindy voices were also included in the game along with her own avatar.