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e-mail: synchrnzr@synchrnzr.com
phone: +34 669 28 94 61


synchrnzr started learning programming when he was 8 and started learning music when he was 16. Studied Computer Engineering at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona but left his studies unfinished in 5th year as it began more involved in music composition and videogames professionally. Since then, he has studied piano, guitar and singing in different music schools, and he's still taking vocal training lessons at Barcelona's school Musicwood.

He got involved with videogames for the first time as a pixel artist when he was 16, and started a 1-year remote collaboration with NoriaWorks in 2 games that weren't finally released, Tricky Tracks and Turbo Boosters.

During his Univeristy studies, he started collaborating with Cuchipandi Technologies, both as a composer and programmer, to make the music of a GameBoy's strategy game, Thunder Lands using an open source sound engine. The upcoming GameBoy Advance made him start working for the new console in the underground world. He programmed a sound engine in ARM Assembly code that could play digital sound at 32KHz 8bit using less than 8% CPU, while featuring MIDI-style event synchronization, effects like reverb and Dolby Pro-Logic multichannel output. Also wrote the first unofficial docs about GBA audio system in the scene, used by the first GBA emulators like Mappy VM. His nick was "Synchronizer", the same for the sound engine, as a reference for its MIDI-style synchronization capabilities. He'd soon change it to "synchrnzr" as a SEO strategy; googling Synchronizer produced a lot of unrelated results while "synchrnzr" results were, and still are, much better.

Thanks to Cuchipandi Technologies' CEO Daniel Fernandez, synchrnzr met Super Fighter Team's CEO Brandon Cobb and started collaborating in Super Fighter Advance, a port of Super Fighter for the GameBoy Advance, using synchrnzr's sound engine, and created covers of the full soundtrack, but the game wasn't finally published.

Some time after that, synchrnzr knew the Stratos association a little bit and even helped it in some events like Barcelona Videojuego 2002. A Stratos crisis made Antonio Arteaga and José Carlos García put and end to it, but kept the site on, as they launched a new crazy project to relaunch the Spanish software by creating an AAA game with free collaborations. An utopic project called Proyecto Utopía. synchrnzr joined it as a composer, though it helped in other areas too. At the same time, he became more involved with Stratos, taking the forum administrator role, helping with the site development and finally becoming the site administrator until now and representing Stratos in many events like S2e or Campus Party.

To be continued...